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Ed: Yes, the box gives times for 1:25 dilutions but I want 1:50. I know I could tweak and guesstimate my development times but I'm still new at this and prefer not to make any unnecessary blunders. I just went ahead with 17 mins in the end. Not too impressed, its much too grainy for ISO100 film, or perhaps that was just the scanning?!
The "Digital Truth" site,[ www.digitaltruth.com ], has times for both "Old" and "New" APX100. They are the same: Rodinal 1:50, 17 minutes @ 20 deg. C.

"Much too grainy"??
No way I can argue, or even comment about that. All I can say is that *I* like the combination - a LOT. Fantastic acutance ... and I like the tonality and grain structure.