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    Let me just make it clear, I was referring to the film, not the company, in the thread title. The "WOT A BURN" expressed my confusion and disappointment at missing out on an eagerly anticipated weekend of shooting my first B&W LF in quite a while.

    Having read the other thread on this topic, I see that this is a problem that affects random packages of film and that others are shooting it without problems. J and C says that they are moving to correct the problem now that they are aware of it. It was just my phenomenally bad luck that the first sheet film that I have purchased in years happened to be a bad batch. I will contact them on Tuesday to try and get some Pro 100 that will fit my holders and reels.

    I've never had a problem with Jand C's quality or service in the past and will not hesitate to purchase from them in the future.
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    For those customers that have purchased this film in 4x5 and 8x10. We are offering either a full refund on the purchase price or an exchange for an equal amount of J&C Classic 200 film. In either case you can keep the PRO 100 film you bought.

    We anticipate having a new supply properly cut in Spetember.

    In the mean time all current supplies of the oversized film have been put on discount for anyone who can use it. This film is being sold cheap but "as is" with regard to the oversize condition.

    In addition, the new pricing on the J&C Classic 200 and 400 films in all the large format sizes is almost on par with the PRO film.

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