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    I haven't read the whole thread, so if I'm repeating anyone's post, sorry...

    The reason I switched, and have lived happier ever since, from a college darkroom to my darkroom is simple: I was sick and tired of dealing with all the B.S. that goes into a community darkroom.

    Community darkrooms means losing prints and films because someone who either doesn't know any better, or simply doesn't care, will mess up the chemicals. Or they will open up the film dryer and stick pounds of dust into the wet emulsion of your film. Or they will bend/tear your prints as they slosh theirs around in the tray. It's just a major PITA.

    Having my own means using the chemicals I want to, to fit the paper I buy. Ditto for films. It means not having to focus my enlarger from frame to frame, because the thing doesn't move when I take the negative out (as opposed to the college's, which slid down if you breathed on it). It means that my work will be that much more consistent, because the chemicals are always the same (no more doubling the exposure time to deal with exhausted developer just because it's saturday and I'm the only one there, so I have to use Friday's chemicals.

    My own darkroom means no bitching from lab assistants/managers/watchamacallit because they have someone else's boots half way up their rectum. It means printing till I want to quit, not quitting when they want to close.

    Sure, there's the cost in chemicals, and the initial investment in equipment. But it's worth it.

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    I once did a cost analysis of the Hooker vs Wife thing. Now this was during a divorce in which I was personally involved and I may have been somewhat biased but the hooker was the more economical choice. Now I grant you that was fifteen years ago and I'm sure prices have changed but the low cost option would be to rent... so to speak.
    Now when it comes to darkrooms I don't share...I own my own.
    By the way I'm presently married to a very lovely lady... and I'm not sharing her either.

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    Looks like most things have been said, so all I'll add is a home darkroom gives you total control and that is a investment worth making if your serious about your photography

    rj Think the cost may be way out of my range now though and legal costs would be very high for custody battle of my negatives LOL
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