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It worked. For anyone that would like to develop motion film without d-94 here is what I did:

1) Dektol stock 1L + hypo +-10g (sodium thiosulfate):8mins at 20º/68f
2) Wash: 30s
3) Bleach (1 L water + Potassium dichromate 9.5g + Sulfuric acid 12ml): 3min
4) Wash: 30s
5) Clearing Bath: 30s
6) Wash
7) Reexposure: 30min, 50cm from 60 watt bulb
8) Dektol stock: 7min
9) Wash: 30s
10) Fix :5min
11) Clearing Bath: 30s
12) Wash: 5min
13) Dry inside the reel with a hair/hot/pistol I have no idea what that thing's name is.

Thanks everyone for helping me out.