Jorge wrote, "... in science we at least have a set amount of procedures where we all agree give the correct data, here not even that is agreed."

Yes, Jorge, I agree completely! And that has been my motivation in my posting in many of these pyro-related threads.

And I also agree with Sandy on Bond's latest article. It was MUCH improved over the first one he published. And I also agreed with his findings - until he started making poorly stated claims about the toxicity of pyrogallol. Actually, the closest data I've been able to find ( ) says this for an acute poisoning of pyrogallol: One case of poisoning and death was reported from percutaneous absorption of an estimated 10 g (79 mmol) of pyrogallol (a dose of 143 mg/kg [1.13 mmol/kg] based on a 70-kg body weight).

Anyway, until that point, I thought he did pretty well.