Take a look at the lineup of Rollei films. I prefer the Orthopan myself, but there is also an ATP1.1 (or something like that), which beats Tech Pan in a head to head race. THESE are the sharpest on the planet w/out going to CMS20 which takes a special developer (sold with it), but is only in 35mm format.

As usual, Freestyle in the place to go for ordering. When Agfa went under, I tried the Efke 25 which indeed doe have a particular look to it, especially when printed on fiber paper. Never had any QC issues with it, and the tonality & sharpness is great, although the Rollei films are the most modern "clean" looking sharp.

Kodak had pretty much turned its back on photography, so much so, the only thing I'll buy will be Tri-X and HC110. Don't need them for anything else, and that's their own doing.

Hope you have good luck with the Rollei films.