I've shot true infrared even on flat lighting days and gotten good detail in the clouds, not seen in the visible. The infrared look has a lot to do with how IR is scattered or not depending on what it hits. There is no scattering in a clear sky, hence the ultra darkness of it, but water vapor scatters it strongly so accentuates cloud traces almost unseen in the sky. Vegetations chlorophyll reflects it strongly so live leaves glow while dead leaves dont. It's not even the green color that does it because I've seen plants with other colors turn just as white. Many dyes are transparent to it, film dyes are for example seen by using two layers of unexposed and processed Ektachrome as an IR filter. Thats where the see through clothing scandal came about with the Sony video night shot cams. Many synthetic clothing dyes are no better, turning sheer at the drop of a filter. Infrared portraits are interesting in that the light penetrates the skin to a degree and you can trace veins underneath fairly easily. Helps with that soft waxy look you get.