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    Sounds really interesting. Looking forward to the link!!

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    Sounds like more trouble than just doing the reversal process. It's not too scary; I ran 100' of Tri-X reversal 16mm myself a few weeks back. Then again I have all of this stuff lying around from other processes.

    First developer: 1+5 PQ Universal, 1L, + 12g sodium thiosulfate

    Washed in 0.2% EDTA for 2 minutes (woulda been fine in plain water, probably)

    Bleached for 10 minutes in:
    800mL water
    36mL of 35% sulfuric acid (from the auto body shop, plain "battery acid", as-is)
    9.5g potassium dichromate
    make up to 1L

    quick rinse, then clearing bath for 5 minutes:
    800mL water
    50g sodium sulfite
    make up to 1L

    rinse well; re-expose the film to light briefly but evenly, then second developer, 1+9 PQ Universal, 6 minutes.

    stop and fix.

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    I process as jorj does, except I use the Kodak D-94 developer. I use the same R-9 bleach that jorj lists above. However, for 7266, Kodak now recommends the D-94A developer with R-10 bleach. The R-10 bleach is a permanganate bleach that is incompatible with the thiocyanate in the D-94 developer, so be sure to use D-94A if you use the permanganate bleach.

    You can find the D-94A, R-10, and D-95 formulas here:
    Processing KODAK Motion Picture Films, Module 15 Processing Black-and-White Films
    The above also has processing information and formulas for negative processing.

    See also this thread:

    Kodak D94 incompatible with R10 bleach?

    The D-94 / R-9 / D-95 process given by Kodak is for processing reversal movie film at 20C (68F):

    First Developer, 2 min at 20C (68F)
    Wash, 30 seconds (plain water, do NOT use a stop bath)
    Bleach, 50 seconds
    Wash, 30 seconds
    Clearing Bath, 30 seconds
    Wash, 30 seconds
    Reexposure, 800 foot-candle seconds
    Second Developer, 50 seconds
    Wash, 30 seconds
    Fixer, 50 seconds
    Wash, 2 minutes


    Kodak D-94

    Water, 50 degrees C (125 F) 750 ml
    Kodak Elon (Metol) 0.6 g
    Sodium Sulfite (anhydrous) 50.0 g
    Hydroquinone 20.0 g
    Potassium Bromide (anhydrous) 8.0 g
    (or 7.0 g Sodium Bromide)
    Sodium Thiocyanate (liquid) 9.1 ml
    Sodium Hydroxide 20.0 g
    Water to make 1.0 L

    Kodak Bleach R-9

    Water 1.0 L
    Potassium Dichromate (anhydrous) 9.5 g
    Sulfuric Acid (Concentrated)* 12.0 ml
    * CAUTION: Always add the sulfuric acid to the solution slowly, stirring
    constantly, and never add the solution to the acid; otherwise, the solution
    may boil and splatter the acid, causing serious burns.

    (Note: I substitute 35.0 ml regular automotive battery acid for the 12.0 ml
    concentrated Sulfuric Acid. I've heard that you can substitute 66g Sodium Bisulfate for the Sulfuric Acid.)

    Kodak Clearing Bath CB-2

    Water 750 ml
    Sodium Sulfite (anhydrous) 210.0 g
    Water to make 1.0 L


    I omitted the D-95 second developer and the F-10 fixer formulas, but you can find them in the Kodak Module 15 document that I linked to above. I just use Dektol 1:3 for the second developer instead of D-95, and I use Kodak F-24 non-hardening fixer instead of F-10. You could probably use any fixer.

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