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    Provblems with fixing TriX

    even though i think i have experience in developing films since i ve done some hundreds of rolls the past years, there is something occasionaly that makes me wonder what on earth is happening.

    The last 3 rolls of films that I developed exhibit ochre irregular stripes or spots that when in the light turn to a stronger yellowish colour. I thought that it would be a matter of exhausted/contaminated fixer, so i open a fresh tetenal fixer mix it 1+4 and also used fresh HC110 from a new bottle to see if it would be the same.

    So next batch of 3 rolls show the same thing, all of them, others more others less. the images can be scanned and do not appear to deteriorate (yet) although i m sure that with time they will. Yet scanned, t

    Usually i leave them in the fixer for about 15 minutes. Sometimes invert the tank frequently, others not, and in general i didnt have issues as i d leave them for adequate time in the fixer.

    Since this happened again even with fresh chemicals, where should i look for the culprit? I always presoak film for 10 minutes and rinse twice. I rinsed the tanks etc with hot water, I always rinse the film between developer and fixer 4 times inverting 20 times each, so that I do not contaminate the fixer.
    What troubles me in general is that those brown areas are irregular and random. other times just on the edges, others running through 2-3 frames of the negatives.

    any information would be highly appreciated

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    Try again with distilled water. You might be getting mineral deposits from your tap.
    - Bill Lynch



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