Today I was given a roll of delta 100 to develop. Thought had my tetenal developer at home, but then I realized that was miles away as I forgot it at school. So had to improvise, took a brand new bottle of Fomadon LQN that I forgot about it since today and hazzarded developing time for that film.

Temp: 20 degrees Celsius
Pre-soak: 40-45sec.
Developing: 1+10 for 7min 30seconds, continuous agitation for first 45seconds, then 20 seconds every minute.

The result was quite contrasty, maybe a little bit overdeveloped, as many areas were very dark (still not black!)! All in all, a very usefull negative.

In some days I can post some pictures of the developed roll, so you can see for yourself.
I hope this information can help someone, more experiments with dev duration are welcome!