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    Acufine (Some interesting results)

    Since my supply of Micro-X is getting very limited. I thought I would try some other developers that are on the market. One that caught my eye was Acufine. It says Ultra-fine grain and maximum acutance. So I tried it just as they say on the label. very gentle agitation and half as much.Will, the first couple batches were outstanding. I scanned the negative and blew it way up to check the grain and it was very good. My tones came out perfect for me. I use Tri-x and bumped it up to 1600 asa as you can see from my 6x17 images on the gallery they came out good. One of the reasons I shot at 1600 is with Florida water, the coldest it gets in the summer is 74-75 degrees. If I did 400 asa my developing times would be 2-4 mins and I just feel that is too short a time on any film. I would love to try some 100 asa films and see where that gets me. APX 100 at 200 asa is 5.5 mins and that may be usable.
    NOW I STARTED HAVING GRAIN PROBLEMS ON A COUPLE OF ROLLS A WHILE BACK. What I found out was I has giving it my normal agitation and the grain just jumps out. So I went back to my almost not agitating sequence and the grain again become very fine. So If you want to use this film agitation is a bad word and just moving it enough to get new developer on the film is all you need to do. I hope this helps someone out there I just thought i would share this info with you.
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    At one time, the manufacturer of Acufine published a pamphlet on how to develop film in particular with Acufine. Agitation was discussed in detail. As the OP has pointed out it is best to follow the manufacturers directions carefully.
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    Yep. Gentle, easy, soft, slow agitation with Acufine.

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