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Dear Henning,

could you give a recommendation for using ATO 2.1 for use with normal tonality?
that's difficult. I guess with 'normal tonality' you refer to a linear characteristic curve.
I have not got that with the developers I have used so far. The characteristic curve obtained had a strong S-form. Excellent tone separation in the mid tones, but lack of detail in shadows and highlights.
You know Juttas pictures. I think this look, this character is quite typical for the film. Similar to Ortho 25 (but not identical), and completely different to ATP, CMS 20 or Copex Rapid in their dedicated developers.

I am not an expert for ATO 2.1, my experience with this film is limited. Shot some rolls out of curiosity.

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Can I use SPUR developer for that film? Thank you in advance.
I have not used the new Spur developer for that film.
Therefore I can't give you advice from own experience in this case.
But with Spur Modular UR New you have in general an additional possibility to change contrast and influence the characteristic curve by changing the dilution: Less part B results in higher, more Part B in relationsship to Part A1 results in lower contrast.
So I think it's worth a try.

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