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    Brown Stain on Negatives

    I developed another roll of Efke KB25 using Rodinal 1:100 stand development for 1 hour. The base is not clear but a light brown color. This happened the last time I tried stand with KB25, but I thought it was due to the fact that I forgot the prewash. This time I remembered to prewash but the results were the same. I've only developed one other roll of KB25 using Rodinal, and it wasn't stand. The details are fuzzy, but I'm sure it was in the 5-10 minute range with periodic agitation. That roll came out with a beautifully clear base.

    Has anyone seen this ugly brown effect with Efke or other films? With or without stand development?
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    I normally use 5ml of Rodinal + 500ml of water for one roll of small format film of any speed below 400 ISO. I shoot slightly lower than box speed.

    One minute very gentle agitation at the beginning and left to stand for another 59mins + water stop bath + fixer for four minutes(ADOFIX 1+9).

    Generous wash 10 - 15 times and finally with photo flo or any equivalent. Dry for 4 - 5 hours.
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