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I guess you could try. My guess is considerable experimentation would be involved. Although in the end, I still doubt this will make a meaninfgul difference in speed if you want super fine grain. A good developer for Bath A might be something like Ilford DD-X at a more concentrated working dilution than normal. However for Bath B I think the finest grain developers you could reasonably use would be Perceptol, or perhaps an Atomal-type formula, or some sort of modernized PPD/Glycin thing, or Crawley's FX-5. I don't think DK-20 is a good idea. It is almost certain to produce dichroic fog with modern films. It's a long outdated formula.
Mike, thanks for the ideas. After noticing this modification of D76 http://www.apug.org/forums/forum37/5...variation.html, it occurred to me that I can develop for half the normal time in a speed-boosting developer like XTOL (or D76 as in the link), then add 40g/litre of ammonium chloride to the developer already in the tank (pour out, add it, pour back into tank), and continue developing for much longer than usual. The goal is to give a super fine grain effect in the latter part of development, while not clobbering the fragile image-specks at the start of development which is what I speculate causes much of the speed-loss.

So this would be a two-phase development: High sensitivity for the first phase, and high solvent (with physical development) in the second phase.

Well, it'll be easy to waste a strip of film trying this. I still suspect it's been tried many times...

Mark Overton