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Delta 400, Perceptol stock, EI 200, 12 min., agitating every minute is a great combination, with a smooth look, solid blacks and delicate highlights.

At the expense of a little more grain, try it in D-76 (1+1), EI 400, 14 min., also agitating every minute.

Try both and see which you like. I prefer it in Perceptol, and would use it more often if it came in sheet sizes.
I would choose Xtol over D-76 though.

Delta 400 exposed at 100, in 24 degrees celsius seasoned/replenished Xtol, two gentle inversions per minute over the development time (Around 5 min iirc) gives a really nice look for landscapes, street, architecture, etc. It doesn't simply look like a contraction, but a completely different film.