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    Quote Originally Posted by Terry Christian View Post
    Or why not just cut down plastic 120 spools to fit? That's even easier than respooling 120 to 620, in my opinion. Just a few seconds with some scissors and you're done.
    This would work fine if the holes at the ends of the spools were identical.

    Unfortunately, they are not, so with some cameras you won't be able to wind the film/the film won't feed properly.

    “Photography is a complex and fluid medium, and its many factors are not applied in simple sequence. Rather, the process may be likened to the art of the juggler in keeping many balls in the air at one time!”

    Ansel Adams, from the introduction to The Negative - The New Ansel Adams Photography Series / Book 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by lxdude View Post
    That's the problem right there. A few.
    Well, if the price was really fair I'd buy more and stock up. Of course if I do that I won't be buying again for a long time. If there are enough of us little buyers we would make up some buying power. Maybe not a lot, but some. I'm sure there aren't millions of people buying ultra-large format film, but they still seem to be able to supply that. If we go by volume then 35mm should be the only thing worth making, but the problem is, at least for me anyway, digital has almost totally replaced 35mm film. It will be a while before I can afford digital to equal my medium format scanned on my Nikon LS8000 and 4x5 on the Microtek M1. I'll use film as long as I can, but won't pay anymore then I need to. If my last name were Rockefeller or Romney it might be different, but it's not. Darn!



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