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Thanks for the help everybody. The GAF paper is in a box with 500 sheets wrapped in black paper. But the box has been opened, and the only clue I have is that label I pictured, which was inside the box because it had fallen off.
Next step would be to try it and see if It will work I guess. Hopefuly you opened the box in the dark, or under a reasonable safe-light. Next time you are having a darkroom session, Try cutting off a strip of paper off a sheet from the middle of the stack and see if it develops too much fog. if it comes up then you can try a few test test steps to see if you can find a useable exposure.

If it is an "enlarging paper" you may be able to work around some fog. If it just turns black in teh developer someone has admired it in the light sometime in the last 40 years.

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And as for the Dektol, it's the paper-like packaging. I've read the can stuff keeps pretty well, but I was just wondering. I could always pick some more up, but it would be nice to know I came across a stack of at least partially usable stuff.
My plan would be to make sure I have a good package and mix the old package up. if it is not plain brown! Try it with a print. (oviously on "good Paper". If it is brown or does not work, go tp plan B and mix your fresh package - if the old stuff works save the fresh package for later. Note that this plan is for paper developer only. Wasting a sheet of paper is one thing, losing a roll of film is quite another