If I want to bleach retouch,, to fix black lines hairs or pop the whites of eyes or accent some fine detail or lift the print as some suggest overall , I will make the print
the normal way,, to completion which includes double fix, wash , hypo clear then final wash.

My retoucher or I will then locally bleach the areas we want to remove or lighten, then refix, hypo clear and wash..... Then we will go to the toning stage. After the toning is finished we will the spot the areas that have been retouched for retouching purposes.

There are two applications... One for the look of the print where a printer uses bleach for a desired look... Think Salgado
The other is where a retoucher goes in and takes out problem areas.... think black nose hairs in the sky due to dusty film holders.

Maybe some are mixing both operations , I am usually using the second catagorey of working out problems.

I am not a big fan of heavy retouching a print with bleach,,,, I try to make my prints sing with darkroom methods.

But looking at Lillian Bassin and Salgodo's work is enough to convince me that there is good magic in that bleach.

I hope this clears up a couple of things.

For more scientific explanations I defer to my head Chemist / Mentor Ian Grant..
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Is what you say true with Selenium also? I always thought complete fixing is a requirement before Selenium bath. Isn't bleaching thus turning metalic silver BACK same thing as incomplete fixing??