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    WTB: Crown Graphic bits - shutter to suit 152mm Ektar, lens boards

    Hey all,

    Just bought a Crown Graphic in decent shape but the shutter appears to be kaputt. Looking for a replacement shutter to suit an Ektar 152mm OR looking for a replacement lens (somewhere in the region of 127 to 152mm) with shutter to fit a Crown Graphic.

    Also looking for a couple of lens boards to suit.


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    Your shutter may just need a CLA. Have you had it looked at by a technician?

    I assume this is for a 4x5 CG...

    I have several lenses for sale including 127 Optars & Ektars, 135 Optars & Raptars, 135 Xenars, a 152 Ektar and 162 Optars. I also have a few slightly more contemporary lenses in that focal length range. I have dozens of lens boards to sell. Prices depend on what you want and how nice you want it/them to be.

    The market is very depressed at the moment so this is a very good time to buy and a bad time to sell... but I'm in dire straights so...

    So the questions for you are: Do you care about cosmetic condition? Do you want flawless coatings or are a few faint cleaning marks okay provided they're minor and don't affect image quality? Do the lens boards need to look nearly new or can they show moderate wear or even balance on the cusp of ugly? (hint: ugly ones are cheap and can be painted) Are these for a 4x5?



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