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    WTB: (2) Hasselblad A12 backs, (1) A24 back, (1) Pola 100 back, PM45 prism

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking to rebuild my very-missed Hasselblad setup, and I'm looking for a few backs and accessories.
    A body+lens are NO GOOD, unless there's a back to hold the film !

    Preferable to cleaner equipment since I'm planning to make this a final "hoo-ha" w/ building a system. I've settled on HB for medium format, and I'm looking to do this "right".
    I'm not in a rush for most items, I'm looking for good deals on clean(er) equipment.
    I have LOTS of my own unused equipment still for sale, please see the classifieds section both here in the FS section, as well as on LFF and my EBAY profile: http://myworld.ebay.com/rockydan88/
    I'm open to trading, trades+cash(from either end, depending on item of interest), etc...

    Here's my list of items in search of:

    (2) A12-6x6 backs <newest type w/ integrated darkslide holder>
    Inserts + corresponding shells must have matching serial #'s
    must have darkslides

    (1) A24-6X6 back <newest type w/ integrated darkslide holder>
    Insert + shell must have matching serial #'s
    must have darkslide

    (1) Polaroid 100 back <one that works w/ motordrive bodies(553elx, 500elx, etc...)
    Not the one that extends below the bottom of the body's housing
    must have darkslide

    PM45 prism <non metered version>
    The latest one w/ the curved top, not the flat-angled one.

    please see picture below showing items similar to what I'm looking for specifically

    Please send a PM or email if there is something I'm looking for you might have for sale or for trade.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails HassyWantedAd.jpg  



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