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    WTB, URGENT (Want to borrow?!) Glass neg carrier to fit Saunders 4500

    Hi all, I have a bit of a quandary...

    I am a student at Alfred University's school of Art & Design in upstate NY, and I am preparing my senior BFA show, which is in May. I am doing an exhibition of silver gelatin prints (10x15, 14x14, and 30x30" fiber base) and have run into a rather serious problem. I use a Beseler 45MX at home, for which I have the glass carrier with AN glass, which I love, but sadly, it obviously it won't fit into the gate of the Saunders 4500 enlargers we use at school (gotta love those VCCE heads...) so I am here to ask (beg) if anyone has a 6x6 glass carrier for the Saunders 4500 enlarger that I could BORROW for 6 weeks. I am extremely meticulous in handling my equipment, and treat all the darkroom gear I use with great respect, and were it not for the fact that these prints absolutely HAVE to be corner-to-corner grain sharp, I would just print glassless.

    As it is, I am printing negatives from both Hasselblad and Leica systems, and I really want them to sing. I have tried every solution for the glassless carriers we have, but to no avail. I would be absolutely willing to send a generous lender of such a carrier an 11x14" fb print of one of my senior show images in return for such a huge favor.

    All the best,


    TL,DR: I need to borrow a glass carrier for a Saunders 4500IIXLG for six weeks, I am a senior BFA student, and my school doesn't have any, will send a print in return for such great kindness.
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    I have a 4x5 AN glass carrier for the 4500. Would that work for you?



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