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    8x10 Format

    WTB: 8x10 enlarger (not a kit\conversion)

    I am looking for an 8x10 enlarger. I am specifically looking for one in the class of a Durst, Devere, Saltzman, Omega, etc. I am open to getting a horizontal enlarger. I want one in the best condition possible. I have dismantled\moved\installed a Saltzman 8x10 before, so I'm familiar with using them and moving them.

    The lightsource would not be deal breaker, but I'd prefer a cold light, a VC would be great. A color head would be workable. Condensers are the least desirable, but I'd end up replacing them....

    I am not interested in a conversion like a Beseler kit or a Zone VI head for their 5x7, so please don't offer one. I have used them before and I am moving up to a commercial quality 8x10!

    I live near Seattle, WA. I can travel some distance to pick up one, so please contact me if you're anywhere near me (800 miles or so). I can rent\buy a trailer and pull it behine my Jeep.

    I you are willing to consider shipping, I can discuss it.

    I'd prefer an e-mail with pictures if possible:



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    I know of someone in Los Angeles, with a color 8x10 that will be for sale sometime. I think, by memory it is a Devere. Actually I think he has three of them. Maybe two. He's got a color lab. Retiring film equipment and doing color lazer printing for the most part. I bought a 4x5 enlarger from him and very happy. If you're interested I could put in a call to him and ask him if he'd consider selling now instead of later. And then hook you up with him.



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