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    Jul 2009
    8x10 Format

    Plus X, Tri X, Fp4+, Pol in 4x5

    Hi everyone,
    So I have this film needing someone who will shoot it. Everything has been in my separate film freezer from new (except the TriX from '74) and can totally be trusted. I'm a pro and I'd rather throw it out than use (or sell) questionable film.

    Anyway here's what I have...

    8) Boxes of 25 shts Plus X : $25 a box (1 sold)
    Expiration 1998- 2001 (Freezer kept from arrival & fine)
    You can't get this great film anymore, let a lone in a quantity like this so that's why the price.

    0) Boxes 50 sht Tri X: $30 a box (all sold)
    Expiration 2007-2009 (Freezer kept from arrival & fine)

    1) Box 100 sht FP4+ : $70 a box
    Expiration 10/ 2010 (Freezer kept from arrival & fine)
    I have a litle box with 18 shts free with this - like Christmas !

    1) Box Tri X 4164 25 shts Exp '74 $10

    1) Box EPT 6118 10 shts $ 15
    Exp 8/06

    ____________Polaroid ____________
    Polaroid has been stored in my fridge at proper temp in ziplock bags. (we never freeze Pol now do WE !!)

    0) Shts Pol55 (just tested today and fine in every way) $35 (sold)

    10) Sheets Polacolor Pro 100 (just tested today. colors are soft and a bit warm & muted. Nice.) $25

    1 Box Pol T79 polaroid sealed in foil. Exp 1/05 $ 50

    So that's it. I can ship USPS Flat rate for $5 unless you buy it all then we upgrade the box & I eat the fee.

    So please shoot me a real email at Steve@SteveKarrShoots.com and we can re-home this great stock.

    I don't do Paypal, sorry. They've been in my checkbook for the last time. MO or checks are fine.

    If you think I'm crazy, you can send me a bid, but be nice I can still shoot this stuff myself too.

    Thanks for reading this far,

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    Aug 2007
    FL, USA
    Multi Format
    email sent for 2 boxes of the Tri X

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    Jul 2008
    Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Medium Format
    Any interest in trading for fresh, frozen 120 format tri-X?



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