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Thread: WTB: Nikon HN-1

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    WTB: Nikon HN-1

    WTB Nikon F equivalent of the HN-1 hood for my pre -AI 24mm f/2.8. I am not sure when the "H" designations came into being. While I would prefer a pre-H hood if given a choice (just because I am a photo nerd), I am really not all that picky. I just need a hood that works.

    I could also use the same vintage hood for the 50mm f/1.4, as I damaged mine beyond repair.

    I got my HN-3 hood kind of beat up (just some missing black on the rim) off of E-Bay for $10 from a local seller, so that gives you an idea of what price I am looking for. I'd like a local sale in central Los Angeles or the SGV, but if I can get one shipped for $10 to $15, that would be fine with me. The hood is very thin, so should fit in a padded envelope and ship for just a few bucks.

    Thank you!
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