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    WTB: Mamiya Press items, esp. GG back, 6x9 backs, and 250 lens

    Just took a nice five-day trip, and was really reacquainted with my Mamiya Press Super 23, which I had not used in some time. Boy, what a great camera system. Almost perfect for landscape use, and the lenses are great.

    However, a close call with my ground glass that resulted in a big scratch on the ground side really reinforced my desire for a backup GG to have with on trips in case of an accident.

    I also would like at least two more 6x9 backs (the more the merrier), and the adapter that allows mounting rollfilm backs onto a Universal body.

    I am not really interested in 6x7 backs, but I may want them if they are dirt cheap.

    I would also love a copy of the slower of the two 250mm lenses, the f/8 version.

    I may be interested in the 65mm lens for the right price.

    I could use a copy of the 90mm lens for those occasions in which the 100mm is JUST BARELY too tight. (Oddly enough, I ran into a few of these situations on my trip.) I have the 90, but the shutter is busted, so I could also use a parts shutter if not the whole assembly.

    One more thing: I would also love to have as many as possible of the proper Mamiya 6x9 sheet film holders that fit the GG back. I think I might like using this camera even more if I did not have to pull off the GG and put the film back on for each shot.

    A discussion with Jim Galli just piqued my interest in the 100mm f/2.8 lens as well. I don't need one, but I sure am interested, considering that I think the f/3.5 is stellar, but the 2.8 is supposedly even better. However, the other items I mentioned come first, as I already have a 100mm.

    If anyone has any of this stuff, or anything else for the system, drop me a line.
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