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    Thanks Bruce.

    Anyone got an 80 f/2.8 to sell?
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    I would consider selling my 80 2.8 C. PM me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjaded View Post
    Hi Matthew--
    As a longtime shooter of that same camera, I'm going to give you my 2 cents that you may or may not want to hear! When I got my first Hasselblad, the lens it came with was the 80mm. Since then I have acquired many lenses, and have not used the 80mm in the last 6 or 7 years.
    My first Hasselblad lens was the 250mm. Why? That is all the camera store had in used Hasselblad equipment that was in good condition.

    Now I have the 38mm [Hasselblad 903 SWC], 50mm, 80mm, 150mm and the 250mm.

    The order used from most to least is 80mm, 50mm, 250mm, 38mm [SWC] and last 150mm. I do not shoot portraits very often so I use the 150mm when the composition eliminates the 250mm.

    Which lens is used how much really depends on your fiancee and what she chooses to shoot. No one can say that any one lens will never be used or another lens will be used the most by her. Only she will determine that and over time her choices will change.

    I recommend she and you look at KEH.com and see what is available in good condition in which she is interested. The return policy takes the risk and heartache out of what should be a positive endeavor.

    Enjoy the journey.

    Warning!! Handling a Hasselblad can be harmful to your financial well being!

    Nothing beats a great piece of glass!

    I leave the digital work for the urologists and proctologists.

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    Gee I am surprised at the 'anti 80' sentiments here ;-) I must say I use the 80 99% of the time, and I hardly ever pick up the 150. If anyone wants to buy my CF150... ;-) The 80 is such a wonderful lens - fast, small, light... makes the system easy to carry around. Works well with extension tubes... yeah it does suck for close portraits of course! Good luck with finding your 80 - I think your wife will love it. But agree with the advice here, preferably only sell the 150 down the line if her shooting style and preference renders it obsolete.

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