After handling a Perkeo II for the first time recently, I'm interested either buying or trading for one. I've become more of a square shooter over time and it would be a better fit for me than the Zenobia (though I love the camera dearly).

I have a few trade options at this point (+/- cash):
- Zenobia w/Hesper lens
- Black Yashica GX
- Olympus 35RC
- Olympus mju-ii
- Yashica Lynx 14
- Nikon 24mm 2.8 AI(S)?
- Zenobia if you're more of a 6x4.5 shooter.

I'm also willing to go for a more cash based option if you'd prefer.

I'm looking for a Perkeo II with working film transport including winding and a clean lens. Slow shutter speeds are less of an issue to me.

If you might have something I'm interested in, please send me a message.

Thank you for your time.