hey all,

I'm looking for a smaller, lighter alternative to my current 8x10 gear. After using a friends 501CM and his 555ELD, I'm now on the lookout for one . So a 501CM/503CW, 55ELX or a 555ELD( I want that GMS, since I will be using longer leneses mostly). Preferably more "student priced" please. Looks don't really matter, but functionality-wise, it needs to be 100%. Again, LOOKS don't matter, it just has to work flawlessly.

attached is the photo I've used for my local C-List WTB ad:

please EMAIL(not PM) me if you have something you'd like to offer. You don't have to include a phone # if you don't want to, I only put that there for C-List due to spammers and the like, so I'd know who was serious .

I'd prefer Paypal(I'll cover the fees) due to a recent bad experience sending a cashier's check, item never showed up .



(btw, I'm in LA for those who might be in the vicinity for an in-person meet)