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    Hey Holmey:

    Just looked in the file cabinet and found a busted Linhof - the springloaded end flaps are broken off and it doesn't have darkslides, but the pressure plates on both sides are fine.

    Yours for the postage.


    ps: Just a random thought: 1.20mm glass plates fit easily into these Linhofs. Would sandwitching your screen and film between two plates be a useful technique? I get my glass from S. I. Howard in Worcester, MA. They carry glass down to 0.40mm. They'll cut it to any size you want, and the pieces won't be more than a couple thousandths of an inch off from what you specify. Nice folks, too.
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    Charley, that's a generous offer (pm pending). Can I put a normal 4x5 holder's darkslide in there? How about the end flaps... any ideas for circumventing that problem?

    I think that putting the sheets between glass is a fine idea. I'm wanting this so that I can make screen-plate color photographs. Reading the History of Color Photography and all the myriad methods that people used to put a screen with a piece of screen could fill quite a volume. However, the last paragraph basically says that the simplest & most effective means is just to use a glass pressure plate! So much for fumbling with strange adhesives in the dark...
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