Hi Indiana.... yes you did and I thought it was rather low. At the time it was and I was/am ambivalent of selling my favourite camera but I haven't used it for six months so if you are interested, I will sell you the camera and lens hood for $1250US with you paying shipping/insurance and i will eat the paypal fees. Let me know please as I will try and put it on rangefinder as soon as i have time. Summers are busy for me but planning some road trips soon. Just bought $500 worth of Fuji Reala 120 as I use my hasselblad and a 617 shen hao..... Glad to know folks like you are still enjoying film.... I use digital for work but love that film look. Last night I was showing a friend some 16x20 prints from reala and the plaubel and Tuscany. Pretty darn nice.