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Thread: FS: Nikon Fun

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    FS: Nikon Fun

    What is Nikon Fun? Well, it is a term I just made up. For the adventure lover or a person capable of repairing, this could be interesting. Otherwise, it might not be fun unless you have a friend or family member who repairs cameras. First I have a black Nikon FM which is missing its rewind knob and which has a stuck shutter. Meter? Don't know about that. Second I have a chrome Nikon FM which will not latch the shutter (when cocked). On this one, I think the meter may have worked...can't remember. Both have focus screens...one is ok / one is not so good. Battery covers are there and the chrome model seems to be complete. Then I have a black FM2n which suffered bent shutter blades on one set of blades (the other is fine). Small dent on top of prism area. The meter is wonky on this one but does try to work. Here's the important detail: the shutter works but I suspect it may leak light. Maybe not. Around 2006 I purchased the replacement shutter blade set from Nikon (which you can't do any longer and which will have at least $30~$35 to a repairman who needs this), and I'll include them with the deal. So, you can maybe make one working FM and one working FM2n...or you can have fun trying. Note: the FM2 is missing the focus screen. But the good news...you can purchase all this for less than I have in it. A lot less, in fact. $48 plus the cost of mailing and I'll send anywhere. If you have questions, please let me know at jon_goodman@yahoo.com
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