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    St. Augustine, Florida

    Nikon 400mm f/5.6 Ai-S Manual Focus lens

    Lens is in excellent condition with no scratches, dings or marks on the barrel. Some very minor rubbing on the rear bayonet mount as one would expect. This model has the better wide tripod foot. The lens is free from mold, haze or fungus. The front element has one very minor rub mark which has no effect on image quality. I bring this to your attention in the interest of full disclosure. There may be some minor internal dust but I honestly don't see it. The focusing ring is very smooth, and all the aperture stops click into place properly.

    Includes original Nikon front and rear caps as well as a Nikon carrying case # CL-27A. The exterior of the case has multiple scuff marks and some tears. Inside it is in very good condition and will provide good protection to the lens while being transported.

    The S/N is 288xxx.

    The lens is currently on *Bay but I can cancel the auction so long as the reserve price hasn't been met. My asking price is $550.00 plus $35.00 USPS Priority shipping. Will ship to certain other countries, but please check with me first. Shipping will be calculated based on final destination. Overseas buyers, please do not ask me to show a lower price on Customs Forms just so that you can save on VAT. Reasonable offers considered.
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    Graham from St. Augustine, FL



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