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    PEAK 22X Magnifier Loupe

    PEAK 22X Magnifier Loupe, Product Number #1964
    New in Original Packaging
    The Peak 22x Loupe features a lens that consists of a two group, three element-construction. This design covers a wide visual field with distortion-free viewing. The 22x loupe provides bright, sharp image viewing with its 360° clear acrylic base that admits light from all directions. Specifications: Magnification: 22x Field of View: 12mm Effective Aperture: 12mm Focal Length: 12.4mm Base Thread: 0.7mm

    $25. B&H price is about $50.

    In order to honor your bid I must receive payment within 7 days of the closing of the auction. All items are sold without warranty and are as is. From my feedback you can see that people who have purchased items from are satisfied; I conservatively describe items. <p>

    International shipping now requires a phone number for customs in your country

    PayPal payment requires: <p>
    Shipping Address: Confirmed <p>
    Account Status: Verified <p>

    If more information or more detailed picture of the item is needed let me know.

    I am happy to sell items on APUG and I make a contribution to APUG.

    To make this work please:

    To buy send me a private message (PM) with your email address for use in communicating; I will provide my email address via PM.

    If you use PayPal I will ship to the address PayPal provides.

    I can ship outside US. For shipping I will charge you what the USPS charges me.
    When you pay tell me what you are buying!
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