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    Chamonix 045n-1 kit. Lenses, holders,

    Offered for your consideration is a 4x5 field camera with a selection of lenses and accessories. Iíve really enjoyed the little shooting Iíve done with it over the last few years but I need to put this format away for now. Needless to say Iíd love to ship it all off to one person and weíll give that a try first. Iím hoping all of this totals $2300.00 or so Ė Iíll include shipping to North America and give 2% to APUG. If youíre interested in specific items make an offer and if nobody bites on the kit in a week Iíll start parceling it off. More photos available - just ask.

    Chamonix 045n-1 4x5 field camera. Black walnut front and back standards. Universal bellows. Some brassing on the front standard as shown in the photos. Also, some cosmetic damage to the front side of the rear standard where screws in the front standard contact the rear standard when the camera is folded. Otherwise in excellent shape. Included in the ďcamera kitĒ is a Chamonix folding viewer, 5 liberty film holders (Iíve a bunch Ė Iíll pick 5 primo ones), a Sekonic Studio Deluxe lightmeter L28-c2, a couple of 12Ē cable releases and a dark cloth.

    Schneider Kreuznach Super Angulon 1:8 / 90mm in Copal 0 mounted on Chamonix carbon fibre board. Front filter threads damaged but Cokin ring attached and included.

    Schneider Kreuznach Symmar convertible 1:5.6 / 150mm Ė 1:12 / 265mm in Copal 1 on Wista board (fits Chamonix)

    Schneider Kreuznach Symmar convertible 1:5.6 / 180mm - 1:12 / 315mm in Copal 1 on home made aluminum board. This lens has a chip out of the rear element but Iíve never noticed it to have any impact on image quality. I have it oriented on the lens board so that it itís at the bottom, projecting to the top of the rear standard above the film holder.

    Schneider Kreuznach Symmar convertible 1:5.6 / 210mm Ė 1:12 / 370mm in Copal shutter on Chamonix carbon fibre board. This appears to be a 1 but the shutter says only Copal (Although there is a number ď40Ē printed to the left of the aperture scale.

    Fujinon ĖL 1:5.6 / 210mm in Synchro-Compur shutter for a #1 board. This lens has damaged filter threads. As well, itís had itís flash sync lever epoxied in place as and there is a liberal coating of epoxy in the area of the cable release block. Iíve not had problems with the lens myself and used it regularly until I picked up the 210-370 convertible as part of another package.

    Horseman 6x9 back. Pretty much in mint shape. Comes in a neoprene zip up pouch and a with a home made ďframing guideĒ. The guide is a black hardboard insert the size of a 4x5 holder but with a 6x9 cutout allowing you to compose your image easily. Once composed remove the guide, focus, mount up the 6x9 back and shoot.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails METER 3.jpg   HORSEMAN 6X9_5.jpg   HORSEMAN 6X9_2.jpg   210_370_2.jpg   HOLDERS.jpg  

    180-315_3.jpg   150-265.jpg   90_3.jpg   90_2.jpg   13CHAMONIX.jpg  


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    Wow, that is a helluva kit. PM'd on the Horseman 6x9 back if you decide to part out....
    "I'm the freak that shoots film. God bless the freaks!" ~ Mainecoonmaniac ~



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