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    FS: Antique Wooden Kodak 3 1/2" film development tank

    From the estate of a local collector, an antique wooden Kodak Film Developing Tank for 3 1/2" roll films. Just the thing for that vast horde of photographers using 3 1/2" wide rolls of film in panoramic cameras! Includes the instruction booklet and a roll brayer, probably not actually connected with the tank but it was in there when my wife bought it so it'll still be there when you buy it. The instruction booklet is dated November, 1905 and says that this tank is the 3 1/2" Model B, for use with Brownie No. 1, 1A, 2, 3, 3A, Folding Pocket Kodak and No.2 Bulls-Eye Cartridges. Does not include the "solution cup" pictured in the booklet, sorry. It does have formulas for developer (10 minute and 20 minute versions,) fixer, reducer and intensifiers. All this is in decent shape: it's been used but there aren't any cracks or chips and it'll look lovely on the shelf. Right up there, I think. Yeah, next to that old camera. Fantastic, looks great!

    All this for a mere $25 US, plus shipping. Incredible, isn't it? I'm just a nice guy. A nice guy with a tiny little house and a little darlin' looking over my shoulder making sure I don't clutter up more of her space, to be sure. I take Paypal and USPS Money Orders (United States Postal Service ONLY!) Thanks for your time!

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