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    Arca Swiss B1 Monoball, Non Quick Release Version $300

    I have for sale a like-new Arca-Swiss B1 Monoball. I haven't used my tripod since taking "self portraits" of my wife and I for our wedding two years ago. I want to buy a new guitar, and there's no way I'm parting with my 501C, but I can do without the B1.

    My B1 is the model without the quick release because I wanted to attach the Hasselblad quick-release to it. Comes with a LowePro lens case that I used to protect it while in transit (it's large enough to accommodate the quick release, so it will be a bit loose with just the Monoball. I'm asking $300 plus shipping for the Monoball, but I'm open to offers if people feel that's unreasonable.

    FYI, this Monoball had the repair that fixed the lock-up problem. It was a few years ago so I can't remember the name of what was repaired, but to my knowledge there was only one defective part in the Monoballs.

    If you can pick it up (I really don't want to ship such a big item...), I will throw in a Hasselblad quick-release coupler, tripod & case for an extra $125. The tripod is a Bogen/Manfrotto 3021BPRO. This rig easily holds a monorail camera. And it holds a medium format camera or smaller even better. The case is a really nice padded Cullmann tripod case. At least I think it's really nice...

    I guess if you want the Hasselblad quick release you can make me an offer. That's small enough to ship...
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