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    FS: Salthill 16 x 20 5-Bladed Enlarging Easel (Last call for bids)

    Salthill 16 x 20 5-Bladed Enlarging Easel

    [Repost because bidding will close at 11:59 pm Pacific Daylight time tomorrow, September 15.]

    One of the best easels ever made, but long out of production and hard to find. This one is in great condition -- clean, with silky operation and everything flat. It's really a jewel. Closing my darkroom and it's in the way, so I've got to let it go.

    I'm not sure what to ask for it, since there aren't many changing hands. It will go to the person with the best offer over $300 (plus shipping) by midnight on September 15.

    Please be aware that shipping will be a bear and expensive. This is a precision instrument that measures 22 by 28 inches and is very heavy (30 pounds plus packaging). In evaluating offers, I will give higher priority to local pickup (or some other creative strategy that can minimize my shipping hassle). I am in Tacoma, WA, zip 98407.

    Sorry, I am not able to manage international shipment.

    Please make offers by PM via APUG or email to jtay66@gmail.com.

    Not interested? Please tweet this around anyway. I would like to get it to the right home.

    I also have:

    Salt Hill 16x20 Cross Current Archival Washer
    Salt Hill SPI filmwasher
    Salt Hill SPI filmdryer
    Beseler Universal 14 11x14 4-bladed easel

    Please contact by PM.

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    Wish I could take it off your hands, but that's too high for my meager allowance.

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    I have the 11X14 version of this easel and it is indeed the very best I've ever used. Good luck with you sale.



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