Original listing with pics:

Cambo SC outfit including ...
#1 Cambo monorail body. Unfortunately broken ground glass. Otherwise pretty solid.
#2 And it comes with the bag bellows
#3 And it comes with a solid wood case.
#4 And it comes with the recessed lens board for wide angles.
#5 And it comes with film. The APX100/25 box is sealed. (Ilford & Agfa have been living in my freezer.) I don't recall how much is in the other two.
#6 And it comes with a pair of spanner wrenches.
#7 And I have one film holder for it.

$250 SHIPPED (US). No charge for US shipping. It's too heavy to ship overseas.
(Shipping will cost me about $50, more to west coast, less to the east. So it's about $200 for the camera outfit.)

WILL TRADE both the 4x5 and the View Camera collection for a decent condition 2.8C.