FOTOGRAFISK HANDBOOK by Helmer BÄCKSTRÖM in Bokforlaget Natur och Kulture, in Swedish, 1942
This is volume one of a two volune set. Volume one has 610 pages.
Interior is in very good condition. No writing or other interior marks except typical markings from a corporate library inside front cover and on title page. Binding is tight. Covering on spline loose on one side.

1942 Fotografisk handbok, Två band, 1206 sidor, Stockholm

Nine Sections (listed below in English) , each has several chapters (Kap). Volume One contains 70 chapters
History 49 pages
Optics 170 pages
Negative Material 70 pages
Tonal Range and Filters 106 pages
Darkroom and Laboratory 36 pages
Negative developing and fixing 60 pages
Negative finishing 28 pages
Positives 80 pages
Paper 40 pages

There are 650 illustrations in black-and-white and color

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