This is a very early B&L Protar type lens in a working "double pumper" shutter.

The lens consists of two 23 1/2" f12.5 components that are complete anastigmats used alone. Combined they form a 13 1/4" f6.3 lens that can easily cover your 11X14 camera. The old BnL catalogs say it covers 12X16 at smaller apertures. Nice movements for 11X14 or even 7X17. 8X20 is possible.

This lens has no markings at all except the Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. logo on the barrel. Reflections tell me it's a Protar VII and glass size and focal all match the catalog.

The shutter works. Speeds are slow. But it cocks and the blades all open ~ close. Aperture scale is the old US system, but also usable with some knowledge. I could make images with this all day long, but I've got a bit more experience with these oldies than most folks do. $485