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    Phototherm Sidekick SK-4 with custom base w/pump and free chemistry $650 + shipping

    I am selling my sidekick SK-4 because honestly, I just don't use it. It includes:

    SK-4 Processor which is capable of 6 bath e-6, c-41 and black and white all at the same time.
    a 4 roll tank with spindle and 4 spools, a 2 roll take with spindle and 2 spools.
    It's in great working condition and I replaced the LCD a year ago with a new one which is back lite and easier to read.
    a custom made base which includes a condinsate pump (I used this to pump the rinse water waste to my sink on the other side of the room).
    I have a ton of bottles 2L inside for this setup with hoses and everything, if you want them, just pay shipping.

    I also have a very large stock of E-6 and C-41 and RA-4 chemistry, the E-6 is mostly in clubes, the rest is in bottles, but I have enough for perhaps 50L of each including tons of bleach.

    I'm located near central virginia, by Farmville, VA so if you want the chemistry it's pick up only.

    THe person buying the sidekick will have an option to have me ship the chemistry and only pay shipping, or can come pick it up locally (or I can meet you within 2 hours of Farmville).

    $650 for the sidekick plus shipping which is bound to be atleast $50 just for the machine, the base likely another $50, the bottles probably another $50. No telling about the chemistry.
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