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    FS: Leica Macro Elmarit 60mm f2.8 Nikon F mount

    I hate to sell this guy, but this is what happens when you develop a passion for wildlife photography and start chasing after 300mm primes.

    Its a Leica Macro Elmarit that I bought quite a while back and had it converted to a Nikon F mount. I believe it was originally the 2 cam version, but I cannot remember that for sure.

    Its in very good condition optically...nothing but a few specs of dust. Cosmetically, it is in OK condition, with some blemishes. I will upload pictures tonight so you can decide for yourself.

    Not only is it a super sharp lens, but the bokeh on this lens is to die for.

    I am asking for $375 OBO.

    Paypal and shipping extra.


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    PM sent

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    Pictures as promised: http://www.flickr.com/photos/4295953...7631970770262/

    Here is a detailed description. I had not used this lens in a while and just tested it out completely, so figured a detailed description is due.

    Cosmetic conditions are apparent from the pictures. So I will let you decide that. All pictures were shot using a flash, so nothing is hidden.

    Condition of glass: clear. No fungus, haze etc. A couple of things came to my notice though.

    (i) There is a tiny black particle lodged within the lens.....it is really difficult to spot but you can when you shine a light through the lens and look through it at a certain angle. Has absolutely no impact on images, but I thought I should mention it.
    (ii) There are some cleaning marks. But you should be able to remove them using lens cleaning liquid, which I unfortunately ran out of. I tried to highlight the marks by shining a torch light through the lens......though I am not sure where the focus point of that picture is, so difficult to tell.

    I bought the Nikon mount from eBay and fixed it myself after removing the Leica R mount. I also added a aperture detent ball (was not part of the original lens), so you have click stops. The aperture ring goes a bit beyond f2.8, but this does not affect the opening and closing of the aperture in anyway. Also the aperture is fully closed slightly before it gets to f22 (the min. aperture)......minor things that don't affect operation in anyway, but should be mentioned.

    There.....I think I have documented every blemish that I could spot as honestly as possible.

    Focusing: buttery smooth. You can still spot some grease on the barrel, but it does not interfere with the glass.

    I have also included shots that I just took with this lens mounted on my Nikon D300+SB-400 bounce flash and after looking at the pictures, my sense of regret has deepened, but I am very close to buying an AF-I 300mm f2.8......can't have both lenses!

    The bokeh of this lens is just dreamy.

    Comes with the original Leitz cap (which is terrible since it keeps falling off) and Nikon rear cap. The front element is really recessed, so the body of the lens itself serves as a "built-in hood".



    Click image for larger version. 

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