Pre WWII German lenses were certainly things of beauty.

This is uncoated. 4 air~glass interfaces. Dagor's have some magic when it comes handling contrast. They seem to make it behave somehow. I always get pleasing negs with dagor type lenses.

This covers 85+ degrees. Which means it will cover an 8X10 plate with modest movements. You'll be hard pressed, maybe impossible to find a more compact 210mm that is immenently usable on the 8X10 format. No, you can't put the bag bellows on and slam the front up 4 inches for the empire state building. But for landscapes and such, it is lovely.

Shutter was harvested from a Zeiss 150mm and the scale re-made for 210. This is the correct shutter for this lens though. The modern Copals have a recess before the threads start while this lens has threads all the way to the land.

$415.00 + shipping to U