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    Leica 90mm Elmarit-M f2.8

    Leica 90 Elmarit-M 2.8 MINT (last version). Non-6-Bit. This lens looks new aside from one or two tiny bright spots on the knurled focus ring that you’ll have to work hard to find (we are talking about 0.5mm). Optics are immaculate. There’s one minuscule spec of dust inside near the edge of one of the elements, but its inconsequential. Its an outstanding example and performs spectacularly well. I mention these things as candidly as I can because I know a lot of buyers of Leica kit use microscopes to inspect kit with The lens really does look 'MINT as New' and would be sold as such by the vast majority, if not all, retailers.

    Price: £750

    I have about a hundred 100% transactions on Ebay (tomishakishi) and have had super-smooth transactions on RFF and apug.

    I'm leaving the UK in a couple of weeks and will be away until Feb, so if you are interested in this lens, please get in touch soonest.
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