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The 20mm and 35mm Canon FD Macrophoto lenses can be checked out on this site. They are designed to be used with a bellows unit and I have found the need a lot of light for focusing.


Combined with the Canon FD-EOS Macro Lens Mount Converter they can be used with the Canon EOS line of cameras.

They open up a whole new world of macrophotography compared to the normal macro lenses.

I have an FD-EOS converter and its crap because they are all made with shitty glass, the only good one is the official canon version which (good luck finding one) they only made like 200 copies and sold/gave it to the super high end photographers who owned the $10,000+ lenses that were crazy angry when the system changed after investing so much money, but at least those had infinity focus...

I think I'll stick to 1-5x and pick up an MP-E

Thanks though it seems nifty, just not practical for me.


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