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    Nikon F2 w/ DP-1 and Lenses

    Selling my F2 kit, I just don't shoot it enough and I need to thin down my equipment. Shipping is listed for the lot is $11.50 for USPS Priority Mail. Paypal is preferred, I pay the fees.

    1) Nikon F2 with DP-1 finder, the meter is accurate and there is some brassing all around the black body. It has served me well, the shutter sounds accurate and it always produced well exposed pics.

    2) Nikkor-H 28mm f3.5 wide angle lens non-AI. This was just recently bought from KEH where it was rated EX+. The glass is very clean with no scratches, haze or fungus. I do not have the caps.

    3) Nikkor-P 105mm f2.8 non-AI. This has wear to the exterior of the lend body. The glass is clean with no fungus or haze, there are however to small nicks on the back element that I never noticed until I was writing this up. Aperture blades are clean and snappy. This is a good shooter lens. Has lens cap.

    4) Nikkor-H Auto 300mm f4.5 Telephoto lens non-AI. This lens also has wear to the exterior and has a dent in the lens hood that make it a little stiff to extend. The glass in this is without any major scratches (may have some slight cleaning marks), haze or fungus. It does have some interior dust and maybe some small spots of separation? I can't tell what it is, it has never effected my shots, but it is there. Aperture blades are clean and snappy.

    I will let this go for $200 obo. PM me!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	f202.jpg 
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Name:	f203.jpg 
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Name:	f204.jpg 
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Name:	f205.jpg 
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Name:	f206.jpg 
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Name:	f207.jpg 
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Name:	f208.jpg 
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Name:	f209.jpg 
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Name:	f213.jpg 
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Name:	f214.jpg 
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ID:	60658

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    Already got two (one chrome, the other black), I hope your F2 finds a good home. They are great cameras.
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    I also already own two (one chrome, the other black). The chrome one looks new. The black one looks only slightly less used than yours. It's my MD2/MB1 motor-drive camera.

    I'm the original owner of the black one and it's been serviced exactly once in its lifetime. The technician apologized for charging me for a full CLA, noting that there was no need for the 'A' part. Everything was still within factory tolerances 30+ years later. These damned cameras never die.

    Good luck with your sale.

    "When making a portrait, my approach is quite the same as when I am portraying a rock. I do not wish to impose my personality upon the sitter, but, keeping myself open to receive reactions from his own special ego, record this with nothing added: except of course when I am working professionally, when money enters in,—then for a price, I become a liar..."

    — Edward Weston, Daybooks, Vol. II, February 2, 1932



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