I'll be moving into smaller quarters in a month or less and its time to get rid of a small part of my collection. Sorry no pictures.

Kodak Pony Premo 5x7 View camera. I started to restore this camera but just lost interest. It has new groundglass and most of the leather is off of the back. Bellows are light tight-no cracks,splits or pinholes. Still has the original lens and shutter that work fine. Very little dust or other such debris, no scratches. $100.00.

Kodak #4 cartridge Camera. Has original lens and shutter that was overhauled two years ago and still fires ok. No scratches but there might be some dust.Bellows are red leather and are supple. No cracks,holes or splits. Comes with both the sheet film back that has the ground glass and the roll film back that has the roller insert as well to use roll film. Roll film back has the red celluloid window but has some of the leather covering removed. Another project that I lost interest in. $150.00

Paypal accepted. PM me if you're interested.