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    FS: 75mm f/4.5 Tominon in Copal Press Shutter

    75mm f/4.5 Tominon
    in Copal / Polaroid Press Shutter
    $75 or best reasonable offer.

    This is a minty specimen. No cosmetic flaws, no issues with glass, everything works perfectly. Shutter has its retaining ring.

    Only thing wrong is that a set screw is missing that holds a screw-on ring in place; the ring holds the front "panel" of the shutter in place. I've placed a piece of tape over the hole to keep the ring from spinning off.

    About the lens: It's a macro lens that'll cover 4x5 at magnifications of 2:1 or greater. I've read that it doesn't do so well at infinity focus, and coverage is probably on a par with the Tessar of that focal length. In other words, 6x6 is probably the limit.

    The elements unscrew from the shutter easily, but the aperture won't open past the f/4.5 that it's rated for. This would be an issue if you wanted to get this for the shutter alone, to put a longer lens on it. With a maximum aperture opening of about 16mm, you're not going to get a very bright image from anything substantially longer than the 75mm it's meant for.

    I think this is kind of a shame, because it's a wonderful shutter. But then again, it's a great lens-shutter combo, when used for macro shooting.

    Just wanted to give you a heads-up about this -- full disclosure is definitely a way to keep one's friends when selling stuff, no?

    Figure 2 pounds shipping weight from Zip Code 90027. PayPal only, please.

    If you need a reference, my eBay ID is pacviewcam, where I have a positive feedback score of 597 -- I've never had a neutral or negative.

    Please note: I ship as soon as PayPal payments clear to my bank account, which can take 3-4 business days. I'll email you as soon as I've shipped, with any available tracking information.
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