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    Group from my Darkroom Drawers. Caltar SII, Protar, Velostigmat, ICA

    Ala Richard Rankin, a nice interesting group! Nothing here is perfect. Everything here is imminently usable. No junk. Small imperfections more or less. Priced accordingly!!

    1.) is a 9 1/2" Velostigmat f4.5 Series II with Fuzz - U - Lator. I have removed the stop screw from the fuzz-u-lator so it can be turned all the way to seperation and drop on floor. This would be perfect except that it's old and not glossy any more, and has lots and lots of cleaning scratches. I doubt if it's lost 5%, but you'll have to mention them too when you go to sell it, so it just isn't worth the $385 - $425 I'd ask for a pretty one. Somebody will have some FUN with this lens. [SIZE=3]$225[/SIZE]

    2.) is a Bausch & Lomb Zeiss license Single Anastigmat Protar Serie VII 16 1/8" f12.5 lens. There is no aperture, just the single lens in a brass barrel. Part of a double anastigmat Protar VIIa at one time I'm quite sure, and the barrel is the size that could take either 16 1/8, 18 7/8 or 23 1/4" lens, so it's the bigger D size I think they called it. It has one heck of a pock mark in the rear, maybe 2mm across. Still a good performer and it would easily cover 11X14+ SOLD

    3.) is an ICA Dominar f4.5 165mm lens in barrel. As scruffy as it looks, the glass is very very nice, and this will produce wonderful images on your 4X5. Perhaps a better use might be in your 4X5 enlarger. This would give some of that text book quality drawing crispness to your enlargements. Something different for sure. [SIZE=3]$55[/SIZE]

    4.) and last but not least, a set of very fine Caltar SII (Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar) 360mm f6.8 lens elements that just need to borrow a Copal 3 that you may already have. Cosmetically, they are good minus, but the glass on these is great, and they are multi-coated. Sale Pending

    You Pay Shipping please. If nobody wants these here, I plan to have them on evilbay by Sun. nite, so get them now!
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