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    Polaroid SX-70 Original... CHEAP!

    I just got this in yesterday. I put a new pack of Impossible film in and the dark slide popped out. But as my luck would have it, it has issues.

    First is the peeling leather from the viewfinder part. I knew about it when I bought it, and I was going to remedy this with a $20 re-skin from http://www.aki-asahi.com/store/

    The second issue, is that I cannot get it to advance properly. When you push the shutter button, the mirror pops up and the shutter engages, but then thats it. It doesn't go any further. In order to get the photo to eject you have to open the film door, then close it. This could be caused by a few things - a broken plastic coupler in the back, the pick arm could have been straightened over time, or the sync of all the parts is off which can be fixed my manually engaging the gears, or something all together that I haven't read about yet.

    In any event, I paid $70 for this camera. Before I put it on eBay for parts I wanted to see if any of you repair wizards wants a shot at repairing it. My loss is your gain.

    ***$50 + $11.95 USPS flat rate shipping.*** It's going on the Bay (for parts) tonight if there's no interest.
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